No Political Party Owns God

By listening to right-wing hate radio, you might think Democrats and Republicans pray to a different God. We see each other in the vein of groupthink. Mostly, when people think of Christians, they think of white evangelical Republicans. I know, I grew up that way. God. Guns. And hating gays — that’s what I recall.

I thought all gays would burn in hell, and the earth was 5,000 years old. Never mind the fact that dating the age of the earth through the biblical method is relatively new.  And the audience of the book of Genesis would have understood it as a theological argument, not a biology book. The creation narrative(s) in Genesis are a literary genre of who God is and His relationship with mankind.

It wasn’t until going into the military that I learned of different churches; namely, the African-American church. Although I am biracial, I’d never been outside of a white Evangelical Church of Christ. If you don’t know, the church of Christ allows no instruments: it’s acappella. Hearing music play, seeing people dancing, I didn’t know how to feel at first; eventually, it brought me to a closer relationship with Christ. It changed my life. My interest no longer focused on what not to do; instead, what to do.

It wasn’t an overnight change. I still had hangups on how to deal with people’s sexuality. I thought gay folks, must be born gay. I mean, I am straight and never thought of a same-sex relationship. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it; so, instead of demonizing people of the LGBTQ community, unlike my brothers and sisters on the right-wing, I focused on what matters: keeping the message of Christ alive, not only in speech but in action.

Minorities, people of color, the asylum seeker, the poor had become a more spiritually profitable focus. Instead of tearing people down for their sexual preference, my goal is to enrich people with the goodness of Christ. Some will disagree. I can hear it already. And I know all the arguments. So, don’t try it. Or, better yet, knock yourself out.

After the illegal invasion of Iraq, led by Republican failure, torture and the wicked lies of the Bush Administration, I realized, I am no Republican. It’s not as simple as “Bush lied. People died!” Although that is true; finding Bush used end-times prophesy to invade Iraq was troubling. Using religion for illegal wars is wicked. It’s evil. But, that’s precisely what George Bush did. He used the Bible as justification (in secret) to invade the Middle East. Although Saddam was a horrible dictator, we had no right to invade the country. Nearly 1,000,000 people died in the war. The ripple effect caused the worst migration crisis since WW2.

And, I know what you’re thinking. Well, what about ABORTION! I hear you, which is why I support Democrats. Under President Obama, abortion was at a 40-year low. It’s rare people hear of this provably accurate statistic. It’s probably the first time you’ve heard this, right? Expanding access to healthcare (Obamacare) allows people to get preventative measures (birth control) to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Also, under Obama, the teen pregnancy rate was at decades low. Probably haven’t heard that, have you? Republicans continue to tear apart healthcare. Conservatives claim the mantle of Pro-Life, yet want to remove protections for avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

The fact is, Christ, saves anyone who believes, and Jesus works on building a life with a person. It’s between them and Jesus, not me. That said, yes people’s life forever changes with Christ. It’s not about perfection, but walking with Christ. No one is perfect; if they say otherwise, they’re lying.

As a Christian, who is a proud Democrat, I assure you Democrats can be people of faith, and no one has the mantle of Christianity. No one.

(© 2020 Andrew Cyr)


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