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The Cam Girl

I love to watch her cam. She looks at me nude, smiling. A stocking cap covers her ears, blowing me a kiss. Her lips leave guilt on my tongue. She holds balls in her hands, panting, sharing a wink. She leans forward, glancing over her shoulder toward the cam, placing the balls on high. IContinue reading “The Cam Girl”

Lovers & Losers

A reckless word softens the burden of a cheap insult, escalating the blow of another, you’re a fucking losers. Bitterness cues up a sarcastic grin left hanging in the bittersweet tide of a solitude Carolina sky, leaving excuses to the chandelier’s wolves that fell when she slammed the door. Even the warmth couldn’t melt her icyContinue reading “Lovers & Losers”

I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!

“She’s lying, officer!” Margo said. “Ma’am, let’s hear her side of the story,” Officer James said, shaking his finger at Margo. “Now, this time, tell me the truth, Becca. What happened?” “I told you the truth!” “No, she didn’t!” Margo said. “I’m not tellin’ you again,” the officer told Margo. “Margo drove, not me,” BeccaContinue reading “I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!”

I Didn’t Killer Her

Francis shook with sobs, and her lips quivered both the upper and the lower, bringing her voice to a squeaky whisper. “So I wrecked the car. So what.” “It’s not the car I’m worried about, sis!” Jackie said with her hands wrapped around her latte, blowing the steam. “Well, just fucking say it already.” FrancisContinue reading “I Didn’t Killer Her”

The Wedding

Angie tied my heart in knots. My fingers pulsate with blood, reaching every inch of skin. I’d control myself for almost anything, but she hates me (sometimes). Not all the time just sometimes. Crickets sound an alarm. Angie ties my legs, so I won’t leave. Indecision plagues my dreams. I’m so bound for life. It’sContinue reading “The Wedding”


Dad’s punk rock hit me like a ton of bricks, fucking keeping me in the dark; scared to come home. A shadow presents itself as a mist of pain, lurking in the corner of my sanity. Dad’s blood-curdling screams hit my mother with anger. I’d taken a backseat to a serenade bus ride to aContinue reading “Dad”

Three Words I Hate

Jodie had (fuck it has) my heart in a noose since the day I bumped into her at Pete’s sports bar. The music was loud, the lights were loud, her clothes were loud, and I was thirsty. Thirsty for a fresh start, Finding a new me, Loving her with my new identity, And treating herContinue reading “Three Words I Hate”

Depression, Don’t Come Over

“Can I come over tonight?” depression asks. “I told you last week…” “I’m wearing that pitiful miniskirt you like,” depression says. “I told you, we’re through!” “I’m not takin’ no for an answer.” “Yes, you are. “Am not.” “Are too.” “We can have a pity party.” “Come over, and I’m gonna fuckin’ murder you,” IContinue reading “Depression, Don’t Come Over”

I Crashed My Exes’ Wedding

“Who the fuck invited him?” Matt, the bridegroom, asked, loosening his necktie, and then clenching both fists. Alan could tell — he was far from welcome. Alan stood in the doorway with his hands shoved in his pockets. He hadn’t shaved in days, but gel styled his thick black hair in place. Janice, Matt’s sister,Continue reading “I Crashed My Exes’ Wedding”

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