The First Time

A boxcar carries us across the Midwestern states, and a river spreads Anna’s ashes of lust between her legs; we enjoy the delight beneath sheets, turning an insatiable afterthought of my lips pressed to hers, and the golden-brown leaves rest beneath our bodies, for the first time, making love under an autumn sky—such sweet liesContinue reading “The First Time”

Tell That To The Judge, Kid

“It was self-defense, you son-of-a-bitch!” Hannah says, struggling in her handcuffs. “You can tell that to the judge,” Officer Jackson tells Hannah, guiding her in the backseat of the squad car. “You girls are wanted for murder!” “My dad is a lawyer,” Becca says, sitting handcuffed beside Hannah, “and we’re gonna sue you, you redneckContinue reading “Tell That To The Judge, Kid”

The Cam Girl

I love to watch her cam. She looks at me nude, smiling. A stocking cap covers her ears, blowing me a kiss. Her lips leave guilt on my tongue. She holds balls in her hands, panting, sharing a wink. She leans forward, glancing over her shoulder toward the cam, placing the balls on high. IContinue reading “The Cam Girl”

Here To Study

What do you want with my daughter? We’re just friends. I heard that one before, and— No, I’m really here to study. Listen, son, I don’t need my daughter getting pregnant. I assure you that won’t— And how do I know that? Because I’m dating your son— My son? Mr. Franklin, you don’t look soContinue reading “Here To Study”

Dusting Off Dreams – Spiked Drink – Wattpad

She wore a tight black dress, black lipstick, staring at me, radiating my life. She pushed me on the pile of leaves before I felt like falling in love, hypnotizing me, channeling a dream of her without clothes. I blinked her white spaghetti strap off her body. Her pale b cup size breasts gave aContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Spiked Drink – Wattpad”

Dusting Off Dreams – Painting Moans – Wattpad

Our hands clasp as we paint pictures with our eyes; painting each other without any clothes before I pulled her shirt off (with her consent), but I didn’t have my permission as my hands traveled the length of her sides to her jeans, unbuckling her belt, pulling down her skinny jeans. My breathing has becomeContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Painting Moans – Wattpad”

The Girl In The Corner

The boy watched a catfish sizzle in a frying pan, hoping he hadn’t been catfished. The boy waits for his cold beer. The boy checks his watch, waiting for the girl. A girl in the corner shoots him a grin, and he thinks it might be the girl. But the girl doesn’t approach. If attractionContinue reading “The Girl In The Corner”

Coming Home

Another day—just like the other day—I woke up, and Hannah’s gone. Hannah’s clothes, they used to rest in a suitcase by the door. But not anymore. Hannah sneaks into my life, walking out just as fast, Traveling the length of the east coast through a whirlwind, spinning through my head. Now, long-distance conversations make upContinue reading “Coming Home”

Lovers & Losers

A reckless word softens the burden of a cheap insult, escalating the blow of another, you’re a fucking losers. Bitterness cues up a sarcastic grin left hanging in the bittersweet tide of a solitude Carolina sky, leaving excuses to the chandelier’s wolves that fell when she slammed the door. Even the warmth couldn’t melt her icyContinue reading “Lovers & Losers”

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