Who Killed Hannah? – Andrew Cyr

I so have to figure out who killed, no, who murdered Hannah and why, Francis thought, staring eye-level into a half-empty wineglass as though it were her best friend, a day after Thanksgiving. Why didn’t she have the fucking Smith & Wesson I bought her last Christmas? Francis drew a syringe on an envelope. AnContinue reading “Who Killed Hannah? – Andrew Cyr”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version

(Updating) “Don’t get me started!” I said. “I was in a hurry.” I had a mini-shovel in my trunk and gardening gloves. What?  I’m not a criminal. I had to take what I could find. It’s not like Alisha gave me notice. I dropped everything, even my dick in my hand, which I was jerkingContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version”

I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!

“She’s lying, officer!” Margo said. “Ma’am, let’s hear her side of the story,” Officer James said, shaking his finger at Margo. “Now, this time, tell me the truth, Becca. What happened?” “I told you the truth!” “No, she didn’t!” Margo said. “I’m not tellin’ you again,” the officer told Margo. “Margo drove, not me,” BeccaContinue reading “I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!”

Closed For Business

Nervously I stood on her porch. A closed sign blinks on the store connected to her house. Her father’s gonna fuckin’ hate me. Worse yet, kill me. If I were him, I’d hate me, too. Pregnant…she’s pregnant, and we’re still in high school. I’d have smoked weed on my way over, but my dealer wasContinue reading “Closed For Business”

I’m Sorry

“I can’t forgive you,” I say. “I couldn’t be sorrier than I—” “You cheated!” I say “I’m sorry,” she says. “I hate you.” “I’m sorry.” “I can’t stand you.” “I’m sorry.” “You stand here so pious.” “I’m sorry.” “I’m sorry, too,” I say. “Why?” “I cheated, too.” “I can’t forgive you!” she says. “I’m sorry,”Continue reading “I’m Sorry”

Depression, We Need A Break (It’s Not You, It’s Me)

“It’s depression, can I come in?” “Yeah…I’m kinda busy today, dear.” “I’m free next Tuesday.” “I’m busy that day, too.” “How’s tomorrow night sound?” “I have a date with anxiety.” “You’re sleeping with anxiety and me (depression)?” “You know what I lied; panic attack visits me from time-to-time,” I said. “Kinda like a side-chick, andContinue reading “Depression, We Need A Break (It’s Not You, It’s Me)”

This Isn’t What It Looks Like!

“I don’t even hate you,” I say, standing in the doorway. “That would imply I cared.” “It’s not what it looks like,” Hannah says, pulling the covers to her chin as her lover jumps out the second-story window. “There’s nothing left to talk about!” “It won’t happen again.” “The cheating or stealing my car?” “IContinue reading “This Isn’t What It Looks Like!”

Heaven Opened Its Gates

https://www.wattpad.com/852194727-heaven-opened-its-gates (© 2020 Andrew Cyr) (Please click on my Wattpad account. Every view helps.)

Hannah Lost Her Virginity (to a loser)

“What are you so worried about?” Hannah asks. “I don’t wanna go to hell for premarital sex and—” “We won’t stick it all the way in. Like halfway type thing,” Hannah says, raising a sly brow. I nod, tapping my chin. “Might work…” “Listen, if you don’t wanna…” “I’m not some loser. I do wantContinue reading “Hannah Lost Her Virginity (to a loser)”

Chewed Gum Stuck To Her Shoe (Stupid Me)

Chewed gum rolls off my tongue on Long walks long talks lifetime commitments biting my tongue insecurity seeping through my spine boiling my stomach into knots interrupting attention spans the distance tearing my self-control to knots sweeter than cyanide spreading myself too thin making love alone with the lights down low finding life in unfamiliarContinue reading “Chewed Gum Stuck To Her Shoe (Stupid Me)”

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