Stop Slamming The Door (Please Stay)

Drizzle slapped rattled windows, and joyless smiles in cracked slanted frames collect memories of dust to a heart of distrust, rearranging rusty door hinges on a careless phrase—beyond that of a shout—tucked in your back pocket, let out when you left just like before. Faces of traces of indecision send chills the length of myContinue reading “Stop Slamming The Door (Please Stay)”

The Uber Date – Kindle Edition

Where is she? I glanced at my watch. She should be here by now. I folded my arms across my chest. It’s too cold to be waiting for an Uber. The December air whipped through my jacket and numbed my fingers. My first date in ten years, and I was going to be late. Screw myContinue reading “The Uber Date – Kindle Edition”

Lovers & Losers

A reckless word softens the burden of a cheap insult, escalating the blow of another, you’re a fucking losers. Bitterness cues up a sarcastic grin left hanging in the bittersweet tide of a solitude Carolina sky, leaving excuses to the chandelier’s wolves that fell when she slammed the door. Even the warmth couldn’t melt her icyContinue reading “Lovers & Losers”

Yellow Static Line (Noose)

It’s a hot Georgia day. Humid as a muthafucka here at Ft. Benning, Georgia. It’d been another day of running for no goddamn reason. It’d been another day of wishing I was buried in my bed. It’d been another day of wishing my limbs were tangled in a noose of broken bones. The crystalline forgesContinue reading “Yellow Static Line (Noose)”

Depression, Don’t Come Over

“Can I come over tonight?” depression asks. “I told you last week…” “I’m wearing that pitiful miniskirt you like,” depression says. “I told you, we’re through!” “I’m not takin’ no for an answer.” “Yes, you are. “Am not.” “Are too.” “We can have a pity party.” “Come over, and I’m gonna fuckin’ murder you,” IContinue reading “Depression, Don’t Come Over”

Hannah Lost Her Virginity (to a loser)

“What are you so worried about?” Hannah asks. “I don’t wanna go to hell for premarital sex and—” “We won’t stick it all the way in. Like halfway type thing,” Hannah says, raising a sly brow. I nod, tapping my chin. “Might work…” “Listen, if you don’t wanna…” “I’m not some loser. I do wantContinue reading “Hannah Lost Her Virginity (to a loser)”

Hannah Lost Her Virginity (There’s Blood)

Dead body dead weight motionless face shifting her weight climbing atop my body like a car like she just got her license to sin for the win my breath quickens the rise and fall of my chest bursts to gasps like toothpicks pulling me apart at the seams words hanging in the air under herContinue reading “Hannah Lost Her Virginity (There’s Blood)”

“There Is No Baby. I Lied.” (Abortion)

“What are you doing here?” Hannah asks, opening the door, tucking her bangs behind her ear. “You can’t be here! He’s going to kill—” “I’m not leavin’ until we tell him,” I say. “Face-to-face like a man.” “It’s his baby, not yours,” she says, shoving her hand on my chest. “You’re lying to one ofContinue reading ““There Is No Baby. I Lied.” (Abortion)”

Keep Diggin’ His Grave!

“If you hadn’t killed him, we wouldn’t be here,” I say, swinging my shovel against the earth. “Shut the fuck up and keep digging,” Hannah says. Our shovels clanked against the cold ground, shocking my wrists with each swing. “Great,” I say. “I’m an accessory to murder.” “Would you stop throwin’ it in my face?”Continue reading “Keep Diggin’ His Grave!”

Put Your Mask On–Everyone Has The Coronavirus!

 “Let it go, Dani!” “You smashed her skull with a—” “There you go bringing up old—” “Yesterday is old now?” “She had signs.” “Yeah, signs her ex-husband punched her face, nothing more.” “You callin’ me a lair?” Dani pointed. “Look,” she said of the people donning gas masks. “It must have gotten here before weContinue reading “Put Your Mask On–Everyone Has The Coronavirus!”

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