Miss You Before I Kiss You

Leave when I wanna I’m so fuckin’ gonna Tara shoulda stayed in Carolina North or South Which sounds sweeter? I kinda don’t need her We smoked hella weed Take the keys Rake the leaves  I loathe the trees Drive the car Hit the bar Get a new scar Cross state lines Rack up a fineContinue reading “Miss You Before I Kiss You”

Nothing But Trouble

Holy fuck I read the news She’s busted again I broke the click with views She said she did it for shelter and shoes I’m so confused She asked if I could keep a secret I told her this line was being recorded She spoke in coded language of which we both understood With herContinue reading “Nothing But Trouble”

Over Me? Wanna Bet?

Early September She’s lost her temper Her nostrils bared a flare Weather reddened her eyes Misplaced goodbyes It’s either this or that always tied to a lie I’m with her as in never In the back of her mind Preserving spoiled time She knocks on the door We make love on the bedroom floor (© 2021 AC) (Wattpad, AmazonContinue reading “Over Me? Wanna Bet?”

Why Angie’s Mad

Never been good at letting go for you know I show more emotion than time finding what’s missing a picture of you is mine in the bottom drawer collecting dust when we used to trust I felt pure lust now there’s a jar of rust the heat I couldn’t bear to touch Sleeping with eyesContinue reading “Why Angie’s Mad”

Dating in September

An autumn sunsetwhips through the windwhispers from withinof a shadowy figureI so fucking figuredI met her on Tinderfor dinnerWe mingledAmong the crowdfar too loudheaded homefor her roomchains and whips, she likesshaking were her hipsShe’s coming againNo.ReallyShe’s coming againAs inShe’s atthe doorfor more. (Wattpad, Amazon Kindle.)

Forgotten by You (But I Want You Back!)

A brisk moonlight lingers The delicate strokes of an old painting Folded a moldy picture mint perfect Attracts dust Beneath the cracks In the rearview mirror He whimpers A whisper A chance encounter Poses a memory He quivers The withering silence of her voice is violence Her body entices With Irish He wants To tasteContinue reading “Forgotten by You (But I Want You Back!)”

Vivian Cradles Toxicity

A loose evergreen tie Fixed with duct tape Don’t duck with A tint of a hint of Escape On the creases of my neck No white lie Here’s why She’s coming by. Is bi To tangle between Satin bedsheets With her hands, she strangles The heck out of my throat What’s next? A candlelit chandelierContinue reading “Vivian Cradles Toxicity”

Tight Jeans (Take Them Off)

 “It’s a sin,” a girl said loud enough for only me to hear, hugging a biology book. We’re sitting in the library finishing our last assignment of the semester. This girl had dark hair, a black skirt, black lipstick, more than enough eyeshadow, and a dark-blue Hurley t-shirt. I was used to blonde hair andContinue reading “Tight Jeans (Take Them Off)”

Revenge (It’s Not You, It’s Me)

 “Your dad is in a better place, and I’m sure he’s looking down on you from Heaven,” I said, massaging Leah’s shoulders at her father’s funeral.  “You really believe that shit?” Leah said, raising a brow. “I shouldn’t even be here.” Leah folded her arms. “Have I ever been wrong before?” I gave her aContinue reading “Revenge (It’s Not You, It’s Me)”

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