Lara Dances

  I’d moved to Yakima, Washington, in the summer of 2001. My life changed when I met this girl—a sweet girl at first—cute enough. Beautiful enough to marry. Lara got pregnant, and I did the right thing and asked her to marry me. No, not just because of the baby but because of her motherlyContinue reading “Lara Dances”

The Diner

I’m sitting over coffee and the New York Times spread before me. My glasses rest on the edge of my nose. “What can I get for you, sir?” a waitress says. “Just more coffee,” I say and gave her a smile. “Coffee it is,” she says. She pours more and I catch her nametag: JessicaContinue reading “The Diner”

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I put it on all my dating profiles: I don’t date conservatives; if you’re a conservative, swipe left. It’s nothing personal; I mean, my entire family is filled with conservatives. More specifically Republicans. The problem is when a conservative woman messaged me, I’d say the “there’s an exception to every rule.” In fact, I’ve yetContinue reading “Wash. Rinse. Repeat.”

Long Hair

I’d always loved a woman with long hair, dangling about her shoulders. Sandy blond hair with black streaks, forced me to swallow a lump in my throat. Call it a fetish, but long hair completes a woman. I’d met plenty of women with long hair, who later cut their hair. She can be um… lackingContinue reading “Long Hair”

Blue Lake (Jenna’s Clothes)

I woke up at our cabin at Blue Lake, and Jenna was gone. I threw the covers off my body and stumbled to my feet, searching, calling her name. Jenna wasn’t in the living room, and the car (my car) was gone. Blue Lake was our hideout. It was our getaway — a place whereContinue reading “Blue Lake (Jenna’s Clothes)”

The Girl Next Door (Inside Me)

It was the fall of 1996 when we broke up. She said she kissed another guy and told me how I didn’t mean much to her, anyway. I slammed our pictures to the ground, shattering glass, the frame and all. I’d stopped short of setting the clothes she bought me over the years ablaze. GodContinue reading “The Girl Next Door (Inside Me)”

Heaven Opened Its Gates (© 2020 Andrew Cyr) (Please click on my Wattpad account. Every view helps.)

Chewed Gum Stuck To Her Shoe (Stupid Me)

Chewed gum rolls off my tongue on Long walks long talks lifetime commitments biting my tongue insecurity seeping through my spine boiling my stomach into knots interrupting attention spans the distance tearing my self-control to knots sweeter than cyanide spreading myself too thin making love alone with the lights down low finding life in unfamiliarContinue reading “Chewed Gum Stuck To Her Shoe (Stupid Me)”

Check Out My Wattpad Account! – Wattpad

I hope you enjoy my stories and feel free to give constructive feedback. (Wattpad had a glitch, and I had to re-up my old stories. The first day I put this up, the algorithm pushed it to number two because your ranking is based on views and the algorithm.) (All views as of  March 6th)Continue reading “Check Out My Wattpad Account! – Wattpad”

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