I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!

“She’s lying, officer!” Margo said. “Ma’am, let’s hear her side of the story,” Officer James said, shaking his finger at Margo. “Now, this time, tell me the truth, Becca. What happened?” “I told you the truth!” “No, she didn’t!” Margo said. “I’m not tellin’ you again,” the officer told Margo. “Margo drove, not me,” BeccaContinue reading “I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!”

Beta Reader Request

If you’re interested in beta reading or want to swap pieces, please let me know. It’s been difficult to find beta readers, without having to pay them. I would be eternally grateful for any help. (I admit that I should interact more with people on this site or platform because I don’t get many replies.)Continue reading “Beta Reader Request”

I Came To Tell Her Husband, She’s Pregnant—With My Baby!

“You can’t be here!” Gina says, tucking her bangs back behind her ear. “I’m not leavin’ until we tell him,” I say. I’m not the assertive type, never have been until now. “I can’t wait another day.” I’m not a drinker, but I’ve been drinking every day because she’s a liar. “It’s his baby, notContinue reading “I Came To Tell Her Husband, She’s Pregnant—With My Baby!”

I Crashed My Exes’ Wedding

“Who the fuck invited him?” Matt, the bridegroom, asked, loosening his necktie, and then clenching both fists. Alan could tell — he was far from welcome. Alan stood in the doorway with his hands shoved in his pockets. He hadn’t shaved in days, but gel styled his thick black hair in place. Janice, Matt’s sister,Continue reading “I Crashed My Exes’ Wedding”

I Swiped Right (On Accident)

I wasn’t searching for a woman at the time. Relationships didn’t turn out so well for me, so I wasn’t looking. In fact, quite the very opposite. But my friend, Angie, encouraged me to put myself out there again. I’d gotten out of an abusive relationship. Yes, men get abused, too. But the emotional abuseContinue reading “I Swiped Right (On Accident)”

Reversing A Death Sentence (Over 1,306 Views!)

(currently having this manuscript line edited) Still no. 1 in the budget tag (out of 921 stories). I uploaded chapter 13 on Wattpad. (After line editing, I’m hoping to eventually self-publish this book.) (© 2020 Andrew Cyr)

Coffee After Midnight (I Slept With Your Sister)

(Do a guy a solid and click on the Wattpad version) What the fuck am I doing here? I threw her satin blankets off my naked body and stood to my feet, shoving my feet in my jeans. I woke up in the wrong bed—with the wrong girl—again. “Tell me how to change your mind?”Continue reading “Coffee After Midnight (I Slept With Your Sister)”

Heaven Opened Its Gates

https://www.wattpad.com/852194727-heaven-opened-its-gates (© 2020 Andrew Cyr) (Please click on my Wattpad account. Every view helps.)

My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes (Part Three)

“Drop dead, Mr. Dawson!” I say, ripping the eviction notice taped to the front door. My head hung as I closed the door behind me, sliding to the floor, pounding the ground with clenched fists. I do this for several minutes. “What the fuck did I do to deserve this?” I scream, gazing heavenward. “YouContinue reading “My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes (Part Three)”

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