Bye, Depression

Look, this is going to fast, too soon.And?And… I think it’s best if you leave.But we’re together now!Woah. We went on one date.See, that means we’re like an item.No. No. I don’t want to see you anymore.You can’t push me away that easily, you know!It’s best if you leave right now.As if.I’m going to fuckingContinue reading “Bye, Depression”

Don’t Stroke It (Let Me!)

Could you not touch it? she said. Just watch. So I didn’t touch it; I watched. I’m going to strip, but don’t stroke it. I stroked nothing. Got lotion? I said that I didn’t. Sit still, she said. I’m not going to go too fast. Ahh… just like that. Feel good? Good thing you’re aContinue reading “Don’t Stroke It (Let Me!)”

I’d Never Change Any Part Of Me

I called Hannah twice to hear her say I love your taste, but she said nothing. I would never change any part of me just to make her stay. Hannah always teased, but she’d never leave. Right? I mean, right? I saw her, sunglasses covered her eyes, suntanning by the pool, with a face wrappedContinue reading “I’d Never Change Any Part Of Me”

Mom, I’m Gay (Satire)

“What is this?” Mom says, holding up a Playboy magazine. “We’re Christians, and porn is against Christian teachings!” Mom says. “It’s not—” “We need to call the pastor for prayer!” “—mine,” I say, holding my breath. “Bullshit. I found it under your bed. It’s yours.” “What are you doing in my room, anyway?” “Last IContinue reading “Mom, I’m Gay (Satire)”

The Wedding

Angie tied my heart in knots. My fingers pulsate with blood, reaching every inch of skin. I’d control myself for almost anything, but she hates me (sometimes). Not all the time just sometimes. Crickets sound an alarm. Angie ties my legs, so I won’t leave. Indecision plagues my dreams. I’m so bound for life. It’sContinue reading “The Wedding”

Long Hair

(repost) I’d always loved a woman with long hair, dangling about her shoulders. Sandy blond with black streaks, forced me to swallow a lump in this throat of mine. Call it a fetish, but long hair completes a woman. She can be um… lacking in other areas, but if she has long hair, she’s perfect.Continue reading “Long Hair”

Lara Dances

  I’d moved to Yakima, Washington, in the summer of 2001. My life changed when I met this girl—a sweet girl at first—cute enough. Beautiful enough to marry. Lara got pregnant, and I did the right thing and asked her to marry me. No, not just because of the baby but because of her motherlyContinue reading “Lara Dances”

We Loved The Thought Of You

We Loved The Thought of You. Your head is full of doubt. My world is crashing around me as my mouth fills with blood from trying not to speak. Words escape my memory like a criminal, stealing thoughts from my pen—from my tongue—from my lips. You taught me everything there is to know about sadness,Continue reading “We Loved The Thought Of You”

Elevator (Dad)

The concrete looks too thin to break my fall. I heard a scream inside this nighttime scene. The drunken man below looks too thin to think at all. I’d forget this, but I can’t. The concrete upon which he stood looks too thin to hurt my feelings at all. I’d pressed his buttons, but thisContinue reading “Elevator (Dad)”

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