Dusting off Dreams – Wattpad Version (62 out of 284k in Poetry)

Grandma died last Wednesday. It’s Friday, and I still haven’t changed the black dress I wore to the funeral. I probably smell like a homeless person–even my dog, Kipper, won’t snuggle with me. Staring at the coffin, seeing her dead body, pulled at something in my heart’s depth. Grandma used to tell me, she’d say, Hannah,Continue reading “Dusting off Dreams – Wattpad Version (62 out of 284k in Poetry)”

The Wedding

Angie tied my heart in knots. My fingers pulsate with blood, reaching every inch of skin. I’d control myself for almost anything, but she hates me (sometimes). Not all the time just sometimes. Crickets sound an alarm. Angie ties my legs, so I won’t leave. Indecision plagues my dreams. I’m so bound for life. It’sContinue reading “The Wedding”

Elevator (Dad)

The concrete looks too thin to break my fall. I heard a scream inside this nighttime scene. The drunken man below looks too thin to think at all. I’d forget this, but I can’t. The concrete upon which he stood looks too thin to hurt my feelings at all. I’d pressed his buttons, but thisContinue reading “Elevator (Dad)”

The Vantage River

The Vantage River flows through central Washington State. It has a bridge across with fancy restaurants on either side. If you went to music concerts at the Gorge Amphitheater, you’d travel across it. At night, it’s whooshing over the rocks chilled the length of my spine. One time, a trucker’s eyes had become heavy, andContinue reading “The Vantage River”

Do You Want To Settle Down?

Hannah’s here. I’m there. Hannah’s everywhere. I come. Hannah goes. Things fell short this time. Lies after the summer leads to a fall with a fireplace, burning chopped wood. Embracing our bodies while watching a flick on Netflix, without a where the hell ya been? Why are ya late again? talk. Hannah goes. I come.Continue reading “Do You Want To Settle Down?”

Closed For Business

Nervously I stood on her porch. A closed sign blinks on the store connected to her house. Her father’s gonna fuckin’ hate me. Worse yet, kill me. If I were him, I’d hate me, too. Pregnant…she’s pregnant, and we’re still in high school. I’d have smoked weed on my way over, but my dealer wasContinue reading “Closed For Business”

Truth Of My Youth

(In case people are wondering, this isn’t about me.) The wrong kid: that’s me. I’m laying on a hospital bed for being unwanted (I was sure of it). The cancer racing through my veins is everything that I’ve been trying to find. No more kissing in the car. No more undivided time. Ah…I think it’sContinue reading “Truth Of My Youth”

Searching For Sarah’s Bra

I shift pillows and blankets and sheets with purpose, Searching for her bra. Coffee beans heat; I’m still searching for her bra. My wife’s coming home. Coffee masks the smell of sweaty sex. I light a match, foiling my back up plan. I’m still searching for the bra. I blow out my lips. I’m stillContinue reading “Searching For Sarah’s Bra”

No More of Everything (Poem)

No more sleeping in the car. No more kisses after midnight. No more sleeping in her arms. No more roses by her door. No more pictures on Facebook, together. No more kisses in the dark. No more dozens of missed texts. No more of her raspy (OK sexy) voice on the other end of theContinue reading “No More of Everything (Poem)”

Heaven Opened Its Gates; Hell Rained Bombs

Heaven opened its gates, but hell rained fire and brimstone on the town, exploding bombsbodies float, baptized, in a river of boiling blood. Smoke rises with ashes.And shrapnel left her bleeding, huddled, crawling for cover to the corner of her mosque.A double-tap! she says, choking on blood like communion, but nothing comes across her tongue.SheContinue reading “Heaven Opened Its Gates; Hell Rained Bombs”

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