The Wrong Father – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version

Get it together, Mark, I thought. A cracked mirror hung over the sink upon which I leaned. I turned on the faucet and splashed my face with a handful of warm water. I opened my eyes, and blood appeared on my hands. I winced, stepping back and slammed my eyes shut. I rechecked my hands. NoContinue reading “The Wrong Father – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 9 – Wattpad Version

“How long are you going to keep us in here for?” Dan said. “You can’t keep us here forever, you know!” I didn’t know what to make of Dan. I mean, sure, I knew he was a rapist and should be thrown in jail, but what made him tick was a mystery to me. IContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 9 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 5 – Wattpad Version

“What the fuck are you guys doing in my house?” a voice echoed in the dark as he closed the door the wind whipped through the room. “Doing some detective work, are you? Listen, I don’t know you, and I don’t want to know you. Get the hell out of my house before I shootContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 5 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version

(Updating) “Don’t get me started!” I said. “I was in a hurry.” I had a mini-shovel in my trunk and gardening gloves. What?  I’m not a criminal. I had to take what I could find. It’s not like Alisha gave me notice. I dropped everything, even my dick in my hand, which I was jerkingContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 3 – Wattpad Version

“Here,” Alisha said, throwing me a ten-pound bundle of rope. Okay, I don’t know that it was ten pounds, but it sure feels like it. Sure, I’d gone running every day, but lifting weights wasn’t my thing, and my back sure took a hit already. And my head feels like crushed rocks. I check myContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 3 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 2 – Wattpad Version

“And you’re sure?” I said. “You want me to help you murder someone?” I placed the car in park and let the heat rush through the vents on a mid-December Saturday as Alisha placed her hands directly in front of the heat. Whatever happened to Alisha happened without her permission. I scratched the back ofContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 2 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 1 – Wattpad Version

It’s been ten weeks since we last saw Alisha Keagan. It’s not like she hadn’t disappeared before because she had, but this was different. I mean, before, it was just a day or two after she’d been strung out on meth or pot. I hadn’t let my mind drift to the possibility that she wasContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 1 – Wattpad Version”

Guilt is for the Guilty – Chapter 14 – Wattpad Version

“You sure you’re ready for this?” Jenna asked. For once, I’d felt a nervousness in her voice that I hadn’t felt in forever. Maybe she wasn’t through with me. Perhaps me doing anything to gain her father’s blessing made her heart leap with what I could only call love. Whatever it was that changed gaveContinue reading “Guilt is for the Guilty – Chapter 14 – Wattpad Version”

Guilt is for the Guilty – Chapter 6 – Wattpad Version

We arrived at a county jail. I’d never seen the inside of a prison, and I didn’t want to now. I know snitches get stitches, but I was going to snitch the fuck out of Robert. I’m not going down for something I didn’t do. “Get off me!” I struggled as the officers guided usContinue reading “Guilt is for the Guilty – Chapter 6 – Wattpad Version”

The Wrong Kid – Chapter 1 – Wattpad Version

(The unedited version) Jenna and Ben strolled across Anarbor Creek, atop an old squeaky bridge where young couples come to stare at the stars—below clear water rushes over dense stones. Holding hands, sometimes not, Ben and Jenna traded kisses—and trade secrets—save one that Jenna held under her tongue. The city lights below culminate a serene and calmingContinue reading “The Wrong Kid – Chapter 1 – Wattpad Version”

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