Driving Drunk

Dad, that’s not exactly how it—Well, how did it happen?I was driving, and she came out of nowhere.And that the excuse we’re going with?Not buyin’ it?Not in the least.So, Daddy.Oh, no, you don’t. That ‘but Daddy’ stuff used to work.Not anymore?No.Okay, Dad. I was drunk.What have I told you about drinking!Woah, Dad. I was drunkContinue reading “Driving Drunk”

Dusting Off Dreams – A Letter & Love – Wattpad

I dragged my finger across a coffee-stained page. I’d spell it out by tracing over your letter to see if your intentions reflect mine. I’m torched with everything that had to do with you. I thought you’d run out of things to say, but it starts all over again, tracing back to the fact thatContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – A Letter & Love – Wattpad”

Bye, Depression

Look, this is going to fast, too soon.And?And… I think it’s best if you leave.But we’re together now!Woah. We went on one date.See, that means we’re like an item.No. No. I don’t want to see you anymore.You can’t push me away that easily, you know!It’s best if you leave right now.As if.I’m going to fuckingContinue reading “Bye, Depression”

It’s Only Permanent

The hazel of her eyes collided with something inside; what I don’t know; what I never will.  The lips she left prints of hers saturated my mouth with coke and rum. I’d traced back through my memories to remember last night, but I guess it’s all perspective we couldn’t touch the heat under bedsheets. TheContinue reading “It’s Only Permanent”

My Mother In Her Twenty-Second Year

Summer had faded behind an early September. I stood in an unfamiliar barn, shaking cobwebs, and boxing Mom’s belongings. I’d never met the woman, but she died last week. I held up a frame and lifted my gaze before a picture, studying my Mother in her twenty-second year. A sheepish grin, leaning against a 1964Continue reading “My Mother In Her Twenty-Second Year”

I Loved Mandy To Death

The bed we used to share in Spring Lake, North Carolina is cold on Mandy’s side. Death, love, and pain test my will to live Wishing I’d said I fucked up. I’m living on her borrowed time at the edge of an arrow. She said something about how she needed time and that I’m deadContinue reading “I Loved Mandy To Death”

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