The Cam Girl

I love to watch her cam. She looks at me nude, smiling. A stocking cap covers her ears, blowing me a kiss. Her lips leave guilt on my tongue. She holds balls in her hands, panting, sharing a wink. She leans forward, glancing over her shoulder toward the cam, placing the balls on high. IContinue reading “The Cam Girl”

Dusting Off Dreams – Love On Halloween – Wattpad

My veins burn with insecurity. A solitude redlight escapes its confusion, building is the tension between a facade and a catalyst, searing a crescendo to a crooked smile. I’m a shadow of the person I used to be, running to the beat of an awkward drum in a fragile state, hoping I wouldn’t wake up.Continue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Love On Halloween – Wattpad”


Misery business,a rumor mill,and a grapefruit stomach bumppackaged her plans in boxes,toasting over uncontrollable tears,masquerading as sorrow.If it not for the winery and a mistake,she’d be headed to college.The synergy illuminated the fork in the road.To the left is to doubt;to the right is a sunset strip on Santa Monica.The right way to go, IContinue reading “Pro-Choice?”

Dusting Off Dreams – Young Couple & Debt – Wattpad

A leak from a crack in the ceiling drips drops of rainwater like a Chinese torture device to buckets placed below. The cats bit the fuck out of mice that raced through the walls, bringing them scratching to a screeching halt. Maddy lost the baby, and she’s binge drinking as Debt hangs above our headContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Young Couple & Debt – Wattpad”

Dusting Off Dreams – Forget You – Wattpad

You want me to forget you. Well, I do, too.   If I could stop this bleeding beating heart, that beats only for a girl like you, I’d forget everything about you.   You tell me that you hate me; Well, I do, too.   You want me to forget you; I’ll forget that, too.Continue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Forget You – Wattpad”

Dusting Off Dreams – Everywhere You Are – Wattpad

I’d love you, but I don’t know how other than the way I do. With absence, my heart creates an insatiable appetite for your body. I’d splash the ocean with a dime to remember your blue eyes. You left before I woke up. Is this the reason I miss you? I only know you keepContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Everywhere You Are – Wattpad”

Dusting Off Dreams – Upset Heart – Wattpad

Words I’ve never been good with keep getting in the way of a sink or swim date, calling her after hours when her parents said she couldn’t come to the phone, deflating my ego and her boyfriend’s pickup lines do nothing for me because I stutter at the sight of her long blonde hair. SheContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Upset Heart – Wattpad”

Dusting Off Dreams – Clumsy Words – Wattpad

If love were flowers, I’d send you a field of dreams. If hours we seconds, I’d spend less time waiting to pop the question. If smiles floated in the water, I’d send you the ocean. If my words were clumsy, I’d send you a dictionary of romance. If death were the end of you, I’dContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Clumsy Words – Wattpad”

Dusting Off Dreams – To Hell With Pickup Lines – Wattpad

Me: Come here often? Her: Me: So, you’re the shy type? Her: Me: The goddess of beauty ain’t got nothing on you. Her: Me: No? Not that one either? Her: Me: Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living? Her: Me: No, not funny either? Her: Me: Are you a parking ticket,Continue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – To Hell With Pickup Lines – Wattpad”

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