Tables Turned

“Where have you been, young lady?” Mark said, folding the newspaper and adjusting his glasses. This was the third night in a row that Hannah was out with her shady friends. He’d talked about this a thousand times, but it never sunk in that Mark was looking out for her best interests. She thought heContinue reading “Tables Turned”

Vicious Love

Emptiness crawls the length of my spine, spinning insecurity to knots. The redlight exchanges a sly glance for what’s better left unsaid in a house full of dread. A candle closes in for a winter wind, taking her six feet beneath a calendar page. A die casts an awkward summer-fall, beating to the drum toContinue reading “Vicious Love”

Words Lie; Body Language Doesn’t

Reward Money

“This cup of cold coffee is barely keeping me awake,” Sandra said, yawning with her hands planted on the steering wheel. “You awake?” “Just thinking,” I said and stretched my arms in the passenger seat. “We don’t have much longer to go.” “Can you believe we made it out alive?” Sandra’s eye darted to mine,Continue reading “Reward Money”

A Fresh Start

“I’m done running from the cops,” I said, rubbing my temples. “Take me by the hand,” Rachel said. “I got an idea.” “Excuse me?” I said, spitting out my coffee. “Is this some kind of joke?” Rachel held out her arm, opening and closing her hand. “We need a fresh start.” I looked either wayContinue reading “A Fresh Start”


Granddad took us camping every summer. We’d go to Lake Naches, tucked inside of a rural farming town where the trees blended with hills of rocks and streams. No matter how nice the tent, I stayed inside the RV. Taking the RV just to sleep in a tent made little sense to me. And sure,Continue reading “Campfires”

Love at a Cemetery – Kindle edition by Cyr, Andrew.

It was the bone-chilling Northwest winter of 1994 when I stood with my shaky hands folded before Granddad’s grave. I stared at his name with a million things on my mind. His name was Shawn Black. Even during prayers with Mom, I didn’t close my eyes; I was always thinking, eyeing everyone else’s closed eyes,Continue reading “Love at a Cemetery – Kindle edition by Cyr, Andrew.”

Relax, It’s Just A Christmas Tree

What if I find my purpose in fulfilling your life’s worth?What if I count my failures by your success?What if people think you’re dressed better than me?What if I’m too short, and you’re too fucking tall?What if I bring you home and Mom doesn’t like you?What if Dad says you’re too dark?What if … (Wattpad, AmazonContinue reading “Relax, It’s Just A Christmas Tree”

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