The Wrong Father – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version

Get it together, Mark, I thought. A cracked mirror hung over the sink upon which I leaned. I turned on the faucet and splashed my face with a handful of warm water. I opened my eyes, and blood appeared on my hands. I winced, stepping back and slammed my eyes shut. I rechecked my hands. NoContinue reading “The Wrong Father – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version

(Updating) “Don’t get me started!” I said. “I was in a hurry.” I had a mini-shovel in my trunk and gardening gloves. What?  I’m not a criminal. I had to take what I could find. It’s not like Alisha gave me notice. I dropped everything, even my dick in my hand, which I was jerkingContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version”

The Lonely Position of Neutral – The Lonely Position of Neutral – Wattpad

I’m crashing on Thursdays into parked cars, exploding sideways into dashboards. I rolled up the windows, took a sharp breath, forced out the thick smote; deep within my ice-cold lungs. My head feels like crushed rocks. I swim through the air, falling face-first on the floor. I sit up, staring at the doctor, waiting onContinue reading “The Lonely Position of Neutral – The Lonely Position of Neutral – Wattpad”

Driving Drunk

Dad, that’s not exactly how it—Well, how did it happen?I was driving, and she came out of nowhere.And that the excuse we’re going with?Not buyin’ it?Not in the least.So, Daddy.Oh, no, you don’t. That ‘but Daddy’ stuff used to work.Not anymore?No.Okay, Dad. I was drunk.What have I told you about drinking!Woah, Dad. I was drunkContinue reading “Driving Drunk”

Sarah’s Bra – Wattpad

I shift pillows and blankets and sheets with purpose, Searching for her bra. Coffee beans heat; I’m still searching for her bra. My wife’s coming home. Coffee masks the smell of sweaty sex. I light a match, foiling my back up plan. I’m still searching for the bra. I blow out my lips. I’m stillContinue reading “Sarah’s Bra – Wattpad”

She Wants To Move On

My whole family likes you.Um. I don’t like where this is going.It’s just that–Say it.She wants to move on.Move on?She’s wanted to move on for some time.Just didn’t know how to tell me?Something like that.I can’t believe this is happening.I know it’s a lot to take in.I can’t believe she wants to break it off.Wait.Continue reading “She Wants To Move On”

It’s Just A Tree

This isn’t what it looks like!What the fuck? With my best friend?What was I supposed to do? You weren’t big enough…Oh. You would turn this around on me.We couldn’t even stick it in!Now you’re trying to embarrass me?It’s just a fucking Christmas tree.I could have used a fucking ladder.It’s just a fucking Christmas tree.Are youContinue reading “It’s Just A Tree”

Bye, Depression

Look, this is going to fast, too soon.And?And… I think it’s best if you leave.But we’re together now!Woah. We went on one date.See, that means we’re like an item.No. No. I don’t want to see you anymore.You can’t push me away that easily, you know!It’s best if you leave right now.As if.I’m going to fuckingContinue reading “Bye, Depression”

I’d Never Change Any Part Of Me

I called Hannah twice to hear her say I love your taste, but she said nothing. I would never change any part of me just to make her stay. Hannah always teased, but she’d never leave. Right? I mean, right? I saw her, sunglasses covered her eyes, suntanning by the pool, with a face wrappedContinue reading “I’d Never Change Any Part Of Me”

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