Over Coffee At Midnight 

She said she liked coffee. I suggested we go after midnight. I waited for two hours in a cafe. She showed up lookin’ as if she’d been in a street fight. I asked her where she’d been. she said she smothered her stalker with coffee beans. (© 2020 Andrew Cyr) Source: The Lonely Position ofContinue reading “Over Coffee At Midnight “

I Would Never Change  

I called Hannah twice to hear her say I love your taste, but she said nothing. I would never change any part of me just to make her stay. Hannah always teased, but she’d never leave. Right? I mean, right? I saw her, sunglasses covered her eyes, suntanning by the pool, with a face wrapped forContinue reading “I Would Never Change  “

Dusting Off Dreams – Dusty Journal (part 2) – Wattpad

I set the journal on my lap and dapped my eyes with a tissue. Grandma had a lot of pain, rage & hope in her heart. I’d wished she shared it with more people. I sat, staring out the window. The clouds had begun to release snow showers. For the first time in forever, snowContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Dusty Journal (part 2) – Wattpad”

Depression, We Need A Break

“It’s depression, can I come in?” “Yeah…I’m kinda busy today,” I said. “I’m free next Tuesday.” “I’m busy that day, too.” “How’s tomorrow night sound?” “I have a date with anxiety.” “You’re sleeping with anxiety and me (depression)?” “You know what I lied; panic attack visits me from time-to-time,” I said. “Kinda like a side-chick,Continue reading “Depression, We Need A Break”

Here To Study

What do you want with my daughter? We’re just friends. I heard that one before, and— No, I’m really here to study. Listen, son, I don’t need my daughter getting pregnant. I assure you that won’t— And how do I know that? Because I’m dating your son— My son? Mr. Franklin, you don’t look soContinue reading “Here To Study”

She Wants To Move On

My whole family likes you.Um. I don’t like where this is going.It’s just that–Say it.She wants to move on.Move on?She’s wanted to move on for some time.Just didn’t know how to tell me?Something like that.I can’t believe this is happening.I know it’s a lot to take in.I can’t believe she wants to break it off.Wait.Continue reading “She Wants To Move On”

Day Off

My head feels like crushed rocks.I spliced the curtains to white flakes descending.Snowed in and my shift begins in thirty minutes,using a firecracker to free my tires,doing fifty on the freeway,drinking gin,smoking a black & mild,arriving just in time.It’s my day off.Fucking… just my luck.

We’ll Talk In The Morning

I’m so fucking gonna be busted!Where are you this time, kid?You’re not gonna like–Where?A party.Again?Mom said I could go.Even I don’t believe that.I drank too much, Dad.Don’t leave.Sorry, Dad.We’ll talk about this in the morning.Where are you, Dad?Out…Dad, I can see you.Went to the same party?We’ll talk about this in the morning. By AC

Dusting Off Dreams – Spiked Drink – Wattpad

She wore a tight black dress, black lipstick, staring at me, radiating my life. She pushed me on the pile of leaves before I felt like falling in love, hypnotizing me, channeling a dream of her without clothes. I blinked her white spaghetti strap off her body. Her pale b cup size breasts gave aContinue reading “Dusting Off Dreams – Spiked Drink – Wattpad”

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