Christian Nationalists Don’t Care About Family Values, They Never Did

Regardless of his poor behavior of minorities, women, human decency, white evangelicals still support Donald Trump in record numbers. The mental gymnastics they use borders on insanity. Trump isn’t a pastor, or we didn’t pick him as a husband, they say. Conservatives see Trump as their “bodyguard” for religious and political cover. Dropping morals for the sake of tax cuts for the rich, and so-called religious freedom bills don’t make evangelical Christians brave, it makes them sad. I dare say, ignoring Donald Trump ripping the constitution and using a mobster mentality of governance has done more to damage the reputation of this country than any former-president in modern history. Sure, Trump has his loyal base of following (34%!) who won’t leave him regardless of his moral failures.

The mega pastors sticking beside Trump exchanged their “family values” shtick for a shameful place in the history books of hypocritical political evangelism. Patriotic Christianity or Christian nationalism is destroying the authentic faith of Jesus Christ. The center of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ. But, recently, the Religious Right exchanged the Christ, I knew, to hold on to an America that never existed.


When Donald Trump said Make America Great Again, you have to wonder for who? During slavery when blacks didn’t have rights? During segregation or Jim Crow? Back when good white Christians had full control of this country; or before women could vote?

The rise of Donald Trump exposes the racism within the white evangelical church. It pains me to admit it.

Multiple, current, lawsuits against Mr. Trump reveal a man who has been untouchable. Evangelicals ignore the alleged inappropriate contact with women to more serious allegations.

Christian nationalists overlook Trump calling for the execution of the Central Park five; five kids accused of raping a white woman. The only problem is they didn’t rape her. Did Trump apologize or repent? Of course not.

The fact that Trump refused to rent properties to qualified people of color in the 70s is another example of Trump’s blatant racism. Evangelicals have not rebuked him for not renting to fellow children of God – if African-Americans can wear the same title.

When Trump started his campaign, the first thing he said is Mexicans are rapists & drug dealers. In other words, he began his campaign with overt racism, and Christian nationalists had no doubts of what he represents. I dare say white evangelicals supported, and continue to support, Trump because of what he said.

Some people described it this way: Donald Trump said the things we’re thinking. When people tell us they supported Trump because of his brash style of politics without a filter, it’s rational to break down these people’s ideology.

Knowing Trump cheated on his wife with multiple women and said himself, he never asked God for forgiveness. In other words, he’s repented for nothing. Some Christian sycophant false-prophet jumped on this and went to Trump to claim he did ask for forgiveness of his sin. All we know is what he’s said publically, and he said he does not ask God for forgiveness. That’s not Christlike. The older I get, the more I realize the Christian faith is all about Christ! It’s not about silly arguments that don’t matter in the end. And, Donald Trump is not a Christian.


The same people who said a respectable, thoughtful, reasonable husband was a Muslim (not true) now call Trump a Christian. I cannot associate with the Religious Right.

Evangelical Christians are not a monolithic group, and many good Christians did not vote for Donald Trump. Christians, mostly African-Americans, did not vote for Trump and that gives me hope


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