He Descends From Heaven, Taking Headshots (Poem)

The clouds parted as he descended from heaven, taking headshots trading gunshots Packing a parachute Blindly following whispers, folding hands around a loaded gun, shooting in the dark, drinking, fishing for the floor Woodchips stick to the tip of his tongue An old patched up coat cloaked around his frail frame Doctored eyes, building glasshousesContinue reading “He Descends From Heaven, Taking Headshots (Poem)”

Pour Me One More (Poem)

Taking turns are my memories Tripping over dense rocks of insincerities Forgetting to open doors, choking on the floor Pouring cups of more Shitfaced on the floor My head feels like crushed rocks. Throwing her head back, downing a glass once more Bracing for collapsing on the floor Throwing curse words on a Sunday Crying,Continue reading “Pour Me One More (Poem)”

Tell That To The Judge, Kid!

“It was self-defense, you son-of-a-bitch!” Hannah says, struggling in her handcuffs. “You can tell that to the judge,” Officer Jackson tells Hannah, guiding her in the backseat of the squad car. “You girls are wanted for murder!” “My dad is a lawyer,” Becca says, sitting handcuffed beside Hannah, “and we’re gonna sue you, you redneckContinue reading “Tell That To The Judge, Kid!”

I Read Your Pregnancy Test

I dragged my tongue across and folded shut an apology letter in a coffee-strained envelope, signing it compliments of the uttermost parts of my destitute heart. I left it on the kitchen table just in case she had, upon sight of it, bubbles form in her throat, have to swallow several times, and double overContinue reading “I Read Your Pregnancy Test”

Check Out My Wattpad Account! – Wattpad

I hope you enjoy my stories and feel free to give constructive feedback. (Wattpad had a glitch, and I had to re-up my old stories. The first day I put this up, the algorithm pushed it to number two because your ranking is based on views and the algorithm.) (All views as of  March 6th)Continue reading “Check Out My Wattpad Account! – Wattpad”

Keep Diggin’ His Grave!

“If you hadn’t killed him, we wouldn’t be here,” I say, swinging my shovel against the earth. “Shut the fuck up and keep digging,” Hannah says. Our shovels clanked against the cold ground, shocking my wrists with each swing. “Great,” I say. “I’m an accessory to murder.” “Would you stop throwin’ it in my face?”Continue reading “Keep Diggin’ His Grave!”

My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes

Molecules vibrate, closing in on my skin, expanding their distance between love and pain, yanking at my vocal cords. I form I hate you with my lips, but the words refuse to see the light of day. Despair drips, like a Chinese torture technique, flooding my wherewithal to put together sentences, creeping up the hill ofContinue reading “My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes”

Dad, I’m Gay

“Dad, I got something to tell you,” Mark says, playing with his hands. “I’m busy putting my sermon together, Mark.” I look up. “Can this wait?” “Dad, I’m gay.” “You know, I’m glad you’re happy, but,”— I remove my glasses—“I’m behind, kid.” I return my eyes to peck at my keyboard and then at theContinue reading “Dad, I’m Gay”

White Trump Christians Believe He Will Force Radical Conservatism on Americans (And Bring About End Times)

Right-wing Evangelical Christians follow Donald Trump, in part, to usher in end-times eschatology. The Republican base believes Trump resembles them: a white supremacist. Influential right-wing Christian personalities like Franklin Graham, snake Jerry Falwell Jr., have corrupted Christianity – turning it into a weapon against the powerless; attracting the racist, white Christians, who themselves face poverty. Right-wingContinue reading “White Trump Christians Believe He Will Force Radical Conservatism on Americans (And Bring About End Times)”

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