White Girls Get Away With … Everything

“Get out of this house right now!” Gabby said.“No,” I said. “We’re talking it out.” I folded my arms across my chest.“There’s nothing left to say.”“I can’t believe you robbed a bank.”“Didn’t think I had it in me, did you?”I took a sip of coffee then shook my head. “I didn’t. I know you wereContinue reading “White Girls Get Away With … Everything”

Coronavirus Anniversary

“Let it go, Dani!” I said. “Make sure we’ve got the gas masks and the hand sanitizer.” “So, we’re going to pretend you didn’t just smash Jackie’s head open and—” “There you go bringing up old stuff.” “Yesterday is old now? How could you? She was my friend.” “She had signs of the coronavirus,” IContinue reading “Coronavirus Anniversary”

Nude (Mom Was Right)

I’m a virgin, she said.You’re a goddamn liar, I said.No, really. I am.And you expect me to believe that?Well, it’s the truth, she said. Want to see?See what? You’re making me nervous.Well, if we … you know … have sex, and I bleed, then I wasn’t lying.I raised a brow. And if you don’t bleed?Well,Continue reading “Nude (Mom Was Right)”

I Can Take Care of Myself, Dude!

“Get out of this bed right now, Mr.!” Nicole said, throwing a cold glass of water on me. “No more mopping around.” “What the hell was that for?” I said, crawling to a sitting position. “I was just getting up.” “Were not…” “Was too.” I stumbled to my feet. My head felt like crushed rocks,Continue reading “I Can Take Care of Myself, Dude!”

Love On WordPress

I’m in love with a girl on WordPress. It’s this stupid site where people blog, promote products or introduce themselves to the world.  “Nice post,” I said in a comment.  “Thanks,” she replied. I had every intention of sliding into her messages and furthering some sort of conversation. I mean, I had no idea ofContinue reading “Love On WordPress”

Depression, We Need A Break  

“It’s depression, can I come in?” “Yeah…I’m kinda busy today,” I said. “I’m free next Tuesday.” “I’m busy that day, too.” “How’s tomorrow night sound?” “I have a date with anxiety.” “You’re sleeping with anxiety and me (depression)?” “You know what I lied; panic attack visits me from time-to-time,” I said. “Kinda like a side-chick,Continue reading “Depression, We Need A Break  “


“That’s not exactly how it happened, and these cuffs are killing my wrists!” I said. “Besides, it was an accident.” “Well,” Officer Jim said. “I’m waiting. Tell me how it happened.” “It’s like this… Me and Jenna.” “Jenna and I, but continue,” Jim said. “We went to the store, and the son of a bitchContinue reading “Accident”

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