“That’s not exactly how it happened, and these cuffs are killing my wrists!” I said. “Besides, it was an accident.” “Well,” Officer Jim said. “I’m waiting. Tell me how it happened.” “It’s like this… Me and Jenna.” “Jenna and I, but continue,” Jim said. “We went to the store, and the son of a bitchContinue reading “Accident”

Fat Ass

“Do these jeans make my butt look big?” Candace said, glancing over her shoulder. “Well?” She shrugged. Don’t say the wrong thing. Don’t say the wrong thing, I thought. “You look fine.” “Not very convincing.” “Maybe a little.” Candace swung her hand across my face. “So rude!” “You asked for the…” “I didn’t mean for youContinue reading “Fat Ass”

The Wedding Crasher

“What are you doing here?” Frank said. “I came here to give her a wedding gift and to congratulate you,” I said, reaching out my hand. Frank looked down and returned his gaze to mine. “What is this some kind of joke?” “Look, I swallowed my pride and decided to make things right.” “Make thingsContinue reading “The Wedding Crasher”

Keep Diggin’ The Grave

“If you hadn’t killed him, we wouldn’t be here,” I said, swinging my shovel against the December earth. “Shut the fuck up and keep digging,” Hannah said. “It’s not like you didn’t agree.” “Woah…I agreed to scare him, not to kill him!”  Our shovels clank the ground beneath our feet, shocking my wrists with each swing. “Great,”Continue reading “Keep Diggin’ The Grave”

Love at a Cemetery – Kindle edition by Cyr, Andrew.

It was the bone-chilling Northwest winter of 1994 when I stood with my shaky hands folded before Granddad’s grave. I stared at his name with a million things on my mind. His name was Shawn Black. Even during prayers with Mom, I didn’t close my eyes; I was always thinking, eyeing everyone else’s closed eyes,Continue reading “Love at a Cemetery – Kindle edition by Cyr, Andrew.”

The Dating App eBook: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store

My editor liked this short story. Ben and Angie had been friends since they can remember. They told each other everything. Ben would marry Angie, but there’s one problem: Angie is gay. Ben goes through years of tumultuous relationships when Angie signed him up for a dating site, and who he meets isn’t the personContinue reading “The Dating App eBook: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store”

Caught in the Act: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store

It was the bone-chilling Seattle winter of 1994 when “Breakdown” by Mariah Carey played on Mary’s radio. Outside was a winter wonderland with five inches of snow pushed to either side of the steep road. I’d lived just three blocks away, so I tromped through the snow in boots and a stocking cap covering myContinue reading “Caught in the Act: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store”

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