Dusting off Dreams (Has 5.1k Views!)

Dusting off Dreams

Don’t Call Me Dear

“And that’s the truth, Dear,” I said. Mary puffed her lips and folded her arms. “That’s so not the truth!” “Look, I just don’t love you anymore.” “But, you can’t be over me. You can’t. It’s like illegal to be over me,” Mary said. “I’m sorry, Mary. It’s over.” “It’s not over until I sayContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Dear”

The Home

“Look, just as long as we’re together, things will be fine,” Jessica said, nibbling on my neck. “But…what about the big house we can’t afford?” I said. “This cabin is good enough.” Jessica took a few steps to a creak on the floor. “For now.” We both laughed hard. I couldn’t believe Jessica was thisContinue reading “The Home”

You Win

“What?” I said. “Don’t look at me like that.” “Like what?” Jackie said. “I don’t know — like I’m some kind of a freak for wanting to be with Mary.” “What does she have that I don’t have?” Jackie asked with tears in her eyes. “Well, for starters, she isn’t you.” “Hate me that much,Continue reading “You Win”

Divorced (Make Love to Me) – Dusting off Dreams

“Tara, you can have the house,” I said. “You can have it all.” Tara looked down and away. “You sure?” We’d been on the verge of divorce for the better part of a year. I’d hoped the trip to Mexico would change things — light the spark again kind of thing. No such luck. SheContinue reading “Divorced (Make Love to Me) – Dusting off Dreams”

Take it Back

“Drive!” Dan said, glancing over his shoulder.“What happened?” Tara shouted.“Just go… I’ll explain everything later.”Tara pressed the gas and gripped the steering wheel. “Mind telling me what this is all about?”“I owe people some money, and–““No. I can’t believe this shit. Again?”“It’s not like I didn’t–““No, after last time, I said this was it.”“Just keepContinue reading “Take it Back”

The Wrong Father – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version

Get it together, Mark, I thought. A cracked mirror hung over the sink upon which I leaned. I turned on the faucet and splashed my face with a handful of warm water. I opened my eyes, and blood appeared on my hands. I winced, stepping back and slammed my eyes shut. I rechecked my hands. NoContinue reading “The Wrong Father – Chapter 4 – Wattpad Version”

Alisha Vanished – Chapter 3 – Wattpad Version

“Here,” Alisha said, throwing me a ten-pound bundle of rope. Okay, I don’t know that it was ten pounds, but it sure feels like it. Sure, I’d gone running every day, but lifting weights wasn’t my thing, and my back sure took a hit already. And my head feels like crushed rocks. I check myContinue reading “Alisha Vanished – Chapter 3 – Wattpad Version”




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