Autumn Gazebo

Guys like me don’t usually do things like this, but I’ve been up since three o’clock, sitting here in the dark, waiting for the brisk October sun to retake its position above the day’s forecasted clouds. A pumpkin spice candle flickers on the kitchen table—the wax puddles beneath its wick. The TV is on, butContinue reading “Autumn Gazebo”

A Robbery On Christmas 

It’s Christmas time again. Jodie, who lost her teaching job after budget cuts, is on a mission to buy her kids’ gifts by any means necessary. So what does Jodie do? What any good mother would do, rob a gas station. Anna, the clerk, had dealt with Christmas burglaries before, most with similar stories (asContinue reading “A Robbery On Christmas “

Immature December Love

I’m miserable, channeling radio dialsMisunderstood with a crooked smile2003 left the best of me in a memory,singing to a complicated melodyPress rewind and bawl to Hit The LightsKill time ruminating over our bodies tangled by the Christmas treeBoring is life when growing up is foreign to lovemakingonly what remains is a reflection of who IContinue reading “Immature December Love”

Lake Love

Macy whisked me with her soft, pale grip. I followed the footsteps of her hourglass frame to a salty lake. A nervous smile in her enchanting eyes sparkled a clever disguise. Hearing but alibis hid white lies over the wind, whipping waves into a frenzy. There and then, Macy strips to her — I’ve neverContinue reading “Lake Love”

So no more “gas is too expensive and it’s Biden’s fault” stories?

Words Lie; Body Language Doesn’t

Winter Holiday

Snow had fallen to sheets of frightening, sliding driving conditions, wondering whether the Christmas tree lights would turn on at night. The pipes froze ice to the led. I read the words you said left on my side of the bed, and now red is what I see through a tall glass of blood-red wineContinue reading “Winter Holiday”

The unemployment rate will match 50-year low by end of 2022, Goldman Sachs says

Mindy’s Secret

Mindy’s father hated me, especially when he found out we were more than friends. I couldn’t help that I fell in love with his daughter, and she couldn’t help that she fell head-over-heels for me. She was white, and I was half-black. Mindy’s father, Jim, said people should stick to their own race. Mindy andContinue reading “Mindy’s Secret”

Reward Money

“This cup of cold coffee is barely keeping me awake,” Sandra said, yawning with her hands planted on the steering wheel. “You awake?” “Just thinking,” I said and stretched my arms in the passenger seat. “We don’t have much longer to go.” “Can you believe we made it out alive?” Sandra’s eye darted to mine,Continue reading “Reward Money”

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