On Second Thought, I Want a Prenup

Witnesses gathered as an audience around the pews, looking at the bride and groom–donned in the radiance of their gloom. Doom sets in the brisk October moonlight, traveling among the cumbersome graveyard of future divorce lawyers. (© 2021 AC) (Wattpad, Amazon Kindle.)

I Guess It’s Over?

You’d ask me what you wanted me to hate me hear. I’d tell you what you wanted me to think when you thought I didn’t think anything at all. You’d come home to your mud-splattered clothes strung on the lawn just before dawn. I come home to a barrel set ablaze, burning everything we owned.Continue reading “I Guess It’s Over?”

Cougar At The Pool

Crisp golden-brown leaves from maple trees scattered the distance. Even so, she was suntanning by the pool, wrapped in a blanket, making me want her, making my mouth water with saltwater with her pale skin well enough for a suitor. She’s a cougar; even still, I hate that I’d date her. It’s not what youContinue reading “Cougar At The Pool”

The Thought of You…

Long may you roam in your bed and moan through a phone while listening to headphones. Your mouth begins to foam. I’m coming home. Headlights chase tailgates and road markers, and this cup of cold Almond Rocca coffee is hardly keeping me from making the biggest mistake of my life and crawling in your bedContinue reading “The Thought of You…”

I Can’t Make It Til Winter

A theater date in September, shaking her jeans off in October, licking pumpkin spice off her breasts in November, waving a positive pregnancy test in December. (Wattpad, Amazon Kindle.)

Addicted to Panic

The old farmhouse was quiet.Indeed, I dare say silent.A mistress I messed with liked it.She threw my clothes on the front lawnShe pawned the diamond ringTry it, she’d say.We’d play with each other’s emotions,seeking the depth of devotion.Searching for what it meant to be meShe cries the loudest when no one’s listeningNightfall suffocates the lightContinue reading “Addicted to Panic”

Kiss & Fight

Far too jealousI tell usI’m off the deep-endIt’s hell waiting for the weekendWhen I can see you nudeon Saturday afternoonPretend that you love meI’d intended on wheneverBut you never end a fight you startedChoices of mine that I couldn’t defineArrived on a late SeptemberA Dear John letterJust when I thought it was overI pulled aContinue reading “Kiss & Fight”

Miss You Before I Kiss You

Leave when I wanna I’m so fuckin’ gonna Tara shoulda stayed in Carolina North or South Which sounds sweeter? I kinda don’t need her We smoked hella weed Take the keys Rake the leaves  I loathe the trees Drive the car Hit the bar Get a new scar Cross state lines Rack up a fineContinue reading “Miss You Before I Kiss You”


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