Dusting off Dreams (Has 5.1k Views!)

Dusting off Dreams

You Win

“What?” I said. “Don’t look at me like that.” “Like what?” Jackie said. “I don’t know — like I’m some kind of a freak for wanting to be with Mary.” “What does she have that I don’t have?” Jackie asked with tears in her eyes. “Well, for starters, she isn’t you.” “Hate me that much,Continue reading “You Win”

Trapped On A Ski Lift – Chapter 1 – Wattpad

“They’re not coming, are they?” Shannon said. “I’m fucking… damn it!” Shannon shook her fists and breathed through her nose loud enough for me to hear. “I can’t believe this shit. I can’t believe you!” “My head feels like crushed rocks,” I said. “Can’t you wait until later to blame me?” “Oh, you would tellContinue reading “Trapped On A Ski Lift – Chapter 1 – Wattpad”


“That’s not exactly how it happened, and these cuffs are killing my wrists!” I said. “Besides, it was an accident.” “Well,” Officer Jim said. “I’m waiting. Tell me how it happened.” “It’s like this… Me and Jenna.” “Jenna and I, but continue,” Jim said. “We went to the store, and the son of a bitchContinue reading “Accident”

The Borrowed Book

“Look, man, it’s none of my business,” a security guard in the lobby said. “I’m staying out of it.”“But I really could use your help.” I waved my arms to capture his attention. “This book doesn’t belong to me, and I need to return it.”“Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” He crinkled his eyes. “Well, can’tContinue reading “The Borrowed Book”

Outside Your Window

I’m outside her window, blasting a stereo. The rain electrocuted the fuck outta my hand, So I dropped the radio. It shattered. She sleeps with one eye open, noticing me, watching her breathing. Her eyes slam open, in a cold sweat, and I’m gone. I’m outside of her window, blasting a new song. Some shitContinue reading “Outside Your Window”




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