Dusting off Dreams (Has 5.1k Views!)

Dusting off Dreams

Black Lives Matter To Pour Cash Into Georgia Senate Runoff by Coffee82

Anchor sponsored this podcast. Source: Black Lives Matter Pour Cash Into Georgia Senate Runoff by Coffee82 • A podcast on Anchor

Mom, I’m Gay (Satire)

“What is this?” Mom says, holding up a Playboy magazine. “We’re Christians, and porn is against Christian teachings!” Mom says. “It’s not—” “We need to call the pastor for prayer!” “—mine,” I say, holding my breath. “Bullshit. I found it under your bed. It’s yours.” “What are you doing in my room, anyway?” “Last IContinue reading “Mom, I’m Gay (Satire)”

The Threesome

So I messed up. I wouldn’t call sleeping with my best friend… Oh, like you’re so perfect. Remember that one time when… Can’t we just forget that ever happened? But you want to bash me for… Sleeping with my best friend. Your best friend is a girl? No… I slept with Jenna. Lesbian now? Bi.Continue reading “The Threesome”

I Swiped Right (On Accident)

I wasn’t searching for a woman at the time. Relationships didn’t turn out so well for me, so I wasn’t looking. In fact, quite the very opposite. But my friend, Angie, encouraged me to put myself out there again. I’d gotten out of an abusive relationship. Yes, men get abused, too. But the emotional abuseContinue reading “I Swiped Right (On Accident)”

Dad, I’m Gay

“Dad, I got something to tell you,” Mark says, playing with his hands. “I’m busy putting my sermon together, Mark.” I look up. “Can this wait?” “Dad, I’m gay.” “You know, I’m glad you’re happy, but,”— I remove my glasses—“I’m behind, kid.” I return my eyes to peck at my keyboard and then at theContinue reading “Dad, I’m Gay”

White Trump Christians Believe He Will Force Radical Conservatism on Americans (And Bring About End Times)

Right-wing Evangelical Christians follow Donald Trump, in part, to usher in end-times eschatology. The Republican base believes Trump resembles them: a white supremacist. Influential right-wing Christian personalities like Franklin Graham, snake Jerry Falwell Jr., have corrupted Christianity – turning it into a weapon against the powerless; attracting the racist, white Christians, who themselves face poverty. Right-wingContinue reading “White Trump Christians Believe He Will Force Radical Conservatism on Americans (And Bring About End Times)”

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