Why Angie’s Mad

Never been good at letting go for you know I show more emotion than time finding what’s missing a picture of you is mine in the bottom drawer collecting dust when we used to trust I felt pure lust now there’s a jar of rust the heat I couldn’t bear to touch Sleeping with eyesContinue reading “Why Angie’s Mad”

The Dating App eBook: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store

My editor liked this short story. Ben and Angie had been friends since they can remember. They told each other everything. Ben would marry Angie, but there’s one problem: Angie is gay. Ben goes through years of tumultuous relationships when Angie signed him up for a dating site, and who he meets isn’t the personContinue reading “The Dating App eBook: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store”

I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!

“She’s lying, officer!” Margo said. “Ma’am, let’s hear her side of the story,” Officer James said, shaking his finger at Margo. “Now, this time, tell me the truth, Becca. What happened?” “I told you the truth!” “No, she didn’t!” Margo said. “I’m not tellin’ you again,” the officer told Margo. “Margo drove, not me,” BeccaContinue reading “I Only Had Two Beers, Officer!”

I Didn’t Killer Her

Francis shook with sobs, and her lips quivered both the upper and the lower, bringing her voice to a squeaky whisper. “So I wrecked the car. So what.” “It’s not the car I’m worried about, sis!” Jackie said with her hands wrapped around her latte, blowing the steam. “Well, just fucking say it already.” FrancisContinue reading “I Didn’t Killer Her”

I Crashed My Exes’ Wedding

“Who the fuck invited him?” Matt, the bridegroom, asked, loosening his necktie, and then clenching both fists. Alan could tell — he was far from welcome. Alan stood in the doorway with his hands shoved in his pockets. He hadn’t shaved in days, but gel styled his thick black hair in place. Janice, Matt’s sister,Continue reading “I Crashed My Exes’ Wedding”

My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes (Part Three)

“Drop dead, Mr. Dawson!” I say, ripping the eviction notice taped to the front door. My head hung as I closed the door behind me, sliding to the floor, pounding the ground with clenched fists. I do this for several minutes. “What the fuck did I do to deserve this?” I scream, gazing heavenward. “YouContinue reading “My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes (Part Three)”

Dad, I’m Gay

“Dad, I got something to tell you,” Mark says, playing with his hands. “I’m busy putting my sermon together, Mark.” I look up. “Can this wait?” “Dad, I’m gay.” “You know, I’m glad you’re happy, but,”— I remove my glasses—“I’m behind, kid.” I return my eyes to peck at my keyboard and then at theContinue reading “Dad, I’m Gay”

Bruised and Broken

Molecules vibrate, closing in on my skin, expanding their distance between love and pain, yanking at my vocal cords. I form I hate you with my lips, but the words refuse to see the light of day. Despair drips, like a Chinese torture technique, flooding my wherewithal to put together sentences, much less rational thoughts.  I’dContinue reading “Bruised and Broken”

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