Sen. Dick Durban (D-IL) said that Biden is working on a lot of things concerning voting rights that have not been publicly announced yet.

Dusting off Dreams (Has 5.1k Views!)

Dusting off Dreams

Pour Me One More (Poem)

Taking turns are my memories Tripping over dense rocks of insincerities Forgetting to open doors, choking on the floor Pouring cups of more Shitfaced on the floor My head feels like crushed rocks. Throwing her head back, downing a glass once more Bracing for collapsing on the floor Throwing curse words on a Sunday Crying,Continue reading “Pour Me One More (Poem)”

Keep Diggin’ His Grave!

“If you hadn’t killed him, we wouldn’t be here,” I say, swinging my shovel against the earth. “Shut the fuck up and keep digging,” Hannah says. Our shovels clanked against the cold ground, shocking my wrists with each swing. “Great,” I say. “I’m an accessory to murder.” “Would you stop throwin’ it in my face?”Continue reading “Keep Diggin’ His Grave!”

Leftists All-Out Assault On Joe Biden

After announcing his run for the presidency, the far left attacked Joe Biden. The progressive left sees Joe Biden as a threat to installing Bernie Sanders in the White House. Some Progressives will not vote for anyone besides Bernie Sanders. Frankly, the progressive left has learned nothing from the 2016 election. Most people who votedContinue reading “Leftists All-Out Assault On Joe Biden”

Put Your Mask On–Everyone Has The Coronavirus!

 “Let it go, Dani!” “You smashed her skull with a—” “There you go bringing up old—” “Yesterday is old now?” “She had signs.” “Yeah, signs her ex-husband punched her face, nothing more.” “You callin’ me a lair?” Dani pointed. “Look,” she said of the people donning gas masks. “It must have gotten here before weContinue reading “Put Your Mask On–Everyone Has The Coronavirus!”

Biden/Harris for 2020 Democratic Nomination 

  I plan to vote for the [Democratic] nominee for president. I also believe it’s imperative to look at the record of the candidates. In my last post, I went through Kamala Harris’s career. In this post, I want to go through Joe Biden’s record briefly. As most of us know, Joe Biden is ofContinue reading “Biden/Harris for 2020 Democratic Nomination “

GOP Leaders Say Democrats Achieved ‘Nothing’ Since Taking Over The House, But 100 Bills Await Action in the Senate

Source: GOP Leaders Say Democrats Achieved ‘Nothing’ Since Taking Over The House, But 100 Bills Await Action in the Senate

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