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The Lonely Position of Neutral (Edit)

I’m crashing on Thursdays into parked cars, exploding sideways into dashboards. I rolled up the windows, took a sharp breath, forced out the thick smote; deep within my ice-cold lungs. My head feels like crushed rocks. I swim through the air, falling face-first on the floor. I sit up, staring at the doctor, waiting onContinue reading “The Lonely Position of Neutral (Edit)”

I Ain’t Seen No Dead Body! (#1 On DWI Tag)

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Heaven Opened Its Gates (© 2020 Andrew Cyr) (Please click on my Wattpad account. Every view helps.)

Hannah Lost Her Virginity (to a loser)

“What are you so worried about?” Hannah asks. “I don’t wanna go to hell for premarital sex and—” “We won’t stick it all the way in. Like halfway type thing,” Hannah says, raising a sly brow. I nod, tapping my chin. “Might work…” “Listen, if you don’t wanna…” “I’m not some loser. I do wantContinue reading “Hannah Lost Her Virginity (to a loser)”

Heaven Opened Its Gates; Hell Rained Bombs

Heaven opened its gates, but hell rained fire and brimstone on the town, exploding bombsbodies float, baptized, in a river of boiling blood. Smoke rises with ashes.And shrapnel left her bleeding, huddled, crawling for cover to the corner of her mosque.A double-tap! she says, choking on blood like communion, but nothing comes across her tongue.SheContinue reading “Heaven Opened Its Gates; Hell Rained Bombs”

My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes (Part Three)

“Drop dead, Mr. Dawson!” I say, ripping the eviction notice taped to the front door. My head hung as I closed the door behind me, sliding to the floor, pounding the ground with clenched fists. I do this for several minutes. “What the fuck did I do to deserve this?” I scream, gazing heavenward. “YouContinue reading “My ‘Dream Cabin’ Rests In Her Eyes (Part Three)”

Anna Strangles My ‘Dream Cabin’ (Part Two)

(Part two) (Part One Here) “How the fuck did you make it past the gate?” Anna asks, swinging in a rocking chair, removing her reading glasses. “Is this a fucking apology?” she asks. “I always wanted to read on a deck like this,” I say, breathing in the waterfront porch view. “I fucked up.” “‘BoutContinue reading “Anna Strangles My ‘Dream Cabin’ (Part Two)”

Hannah Lost Her Virginity (There’s Blood)

Dead body dead weight motionless face shifting her weight climbing atop my body like a car like she just got her license to sin for the win my breath quickens the rise and fall of my chest bursts to gasps like toothpicks pulling me apart at the seams words hanging in the air under herContinue reading “Hannah Lost Her Virginity (There’s Blood)”

“There Is No Baby. I Lied.” (Abortion)

“What are you doing here?” Hannah asks, opening the door, tucking her bangs behind her ear. “You can’t be here! He’s going to kill—” “I’m not leavin’ until we tell him,” I say. “Face-to-face like a man.” “It’s his baby, not yours,” she says, shoving her hand on my chest. “You’re lying to one ofContinue reading ““There Is No Baby. I Lied.” (Abortion)”

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