Strange Neighbor

Three weeks ago, a stranger moved in next door. But he was unlike the previous people to rent the three-story home. It’s not like I’d paid much attention to him; he was a tall, fit man with narrow green eyes and thick black hair that styled in place. I mean, it’s not like I wasContinue reading “Strange Neighbor”

Mindy’s Secret

Mindy’s father hated me, especially when he found out we were more than friends. I couldn’t help that I fell in love with his daughter, and she couldn’t help that she fell head-over-heels for me. She was white, and I was half-black. Mindy’s father, Jim, said people should stick to their own race. Mindy andContinue reading “Mindy’s Secret”

Dance on Purpose

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I didn’t exactly fit in,” Shannon said, pulling her auburn bangs back behind her ear.  She blinked back tears, making them fall faster. “I mean, I wasn’t exactly model material. Besides, I was too insecure to go on a date with you in high school.” So what theContinue reading “Dance on Purpose”

The Unwanted Boyfriend (Don’t Call Me Again)!

“So, it’s over just like that?” I said before I could say another word, she hung up. For a few seconds, I pleaded my case even though she couldn’t hear it. So, I kind of have been stalking Mary, but that’s not the point. The point is, I’d been working my ass off, trying toContinue reading “The Unwanted Boyfriend (Don’t Call Me Again)!”

Dusting off Dreams (Has 5.1k Views!)

Dusting off Dreams

Trapped On A Ski Lift – Chapter 1 – Wattpad

“They’re not coming, are they?” Shannon said. “I’m fucking… damn it!” Shannon shook her fists and breathed through her nose loud enough for me to hear. “I can’t believe this shit. I can’t believe you!” “My head feels like crushed rocks,” I said. “Can’t you wait until later to blame me?” “Oh, you would tellContinue reading “Trapped On A Ski Lift – Chapter 1 – Wattpad”

A Marriage Of Convenience

“I never, ever want to hear you say that again.”“But it’s true.”“It’s not like you haven’t all but said it.”“That’s for me to decide.”“Well, you’d better tell him, or I will. And. I don’t think he’ll want to hear it from me.”“Just give me a little more…”“No more time. You said this last month.” IContinue reading “A Marriage Of Convenience”

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