Dusting Off Dreams – Young Couple & Debt – Wattpad

A leak from a crack in the ceiling drips drops of rainwater like a Chinese torture device to buckets placed below. The cats bit the fuck out of mice that raced through the walls, bringing them scratching to a screeching halt.
Maddy lost the baby, and she’s binge drinking as
Debt hangs above our head like a noose tightening around a neck; the bank wants its fucking money, and we can’t find a job with our worthless diplomas, but at least they made our parents happy.
We packed our shit and left Spring Lake, NC, with a bad reputation,
owing the landlord three months rent,
arriving in Chicago, hoping that we’re not a burden.
Our Jeep that was there the other night isn’t there now; the bank said something about how it was being repossessed.
And my unemployment’s drying up fast.
She got a job, and we got the Jeep back for three times its worth.
But at least it made her happy.
Her businessman father got me a job at his firm.
The bank called: Your student loans are due.
I told them they’d got the money when I had it, but they were getting sick of that answer, so I had Maddy tell them I was dead.

Source: Dusting Off Dreams – Young Couple & Debt – Wattpad

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