Mindy’s Secret

Mindy’s father hated me, especially when he found out we were more than friends. I couldn’t help that I fell in love with his daughter, and she couldn’t help that she fell head-over-heels for me. She was white, and I was half-black. Mindy’s father, Jim, said people should stick to their own race. Mindy and I had to sneak away to spend time together. Her father threatened me he’d kill me a time or two. Mindy told him if he didn’t stop his threats, she’d leave.

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The Uber Date – Kindle Edition

Where is she? I glanced at my watch. She should be here by now. I folded my arms across my chest. It’s too cold to be waiting for an Uber. The December air whipped through my jacket and numbed my fingers. My first date in ten years, and I was going to be late. Screw my life. Another few minutes circled the clock, then a blonde woman in a Jeep approached the curb. “Ahh. You’re finally here,” I said as I slammed the door.

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Who Killed Hannah? – Andrew Cyr

I so have to figure out who killed, no, who murdered Hannah and why, Francis thought, staring eye-level into a half-empty wineglass as though it were her best friend, a day after Thanksgiving. Why didn’t she have the fucking Smith & Wesson I bought her last Christmas? Francis drew a syringe on an envelope. An uptick in Seattle suburbia murders had cops prioritizing a local politician’s killing over Francis’s wealthy aunt.

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Sarah’s Choice : I’m Not Good Enough eBook: Cyr, Andrew : Kindle Store

I’d been with Sarah for five years, and she was getting anxious, anxious for me to pop the question or move on with her life. And rightly so. At thirty-five, I’d hoped to marry. We’d hoped to marry. But we both came from broken homes and had abandonment issues. The last thing Sarah wanted was for her mother to throw a potential divorce in her face and say I told you so.

(© 2021 AC)

(Erica Orloff edited this short story. All of my short stories on Kindle are professionally edited.)


Love at a Cemetery – Kindle edition by Cyr, Andrew.

It was the bone-chilling Northwest winter of 1994 when I stood with my shaky hands folded before Granddad’s grave. I stared at his name with a million things on my mind. His name was Shawn Black. Even during prayers with Mom, I didn’t close my eyes; I was always thinking, eyeing everyone else’s closed eyes, wondering what they were hiding from God.

(© 2020 AC)

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The Dating App eBook: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store

My editor liked this short story.

Ben and Angie had been friends since they can remember. They told each other everything. Ben would marry Angie, but there’s one problem: Angie is gay. Ben goes through years of tumultuous relationships when Angie signed him up for a dating site, and who he meets isn’t the person he expected.

(© 2020 AC)

(Erica Orloff edited this short story. All of my short stories on Kindle are professionally edited.)


Caught in the Act: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store

It was the bone-chilling Seattle winter of 1994 when “Breakdown” by Mariah Carey played on Mary’s radio. Outside was a winter wonderland with five inches of snow pushed to either side of the steep road. I’d lived just three blocks away, so I tromped through the snow in boots and a stocking cap covering my ears. I stomped my feet before entering Mary’s two-story upper-middle-class house. We needed to finish our high school science project, and I needed to study her lips.

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The Angelic Cheater – Kindle edition by Cyr, Andrew. 

As I closed the door behind me, the scent of her naked body and cologne, someone else’s cologne, didn’t escape my attention. I raked my fingers through my thick brown hair. It had to be Hannah cheating again. I held my finger to my lips. “Wait here, Becca,” I told my sister. I climbed the stairs to my bedroom and kicked the door open.

(© 2020 AC)


The Stalker eBook: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store

Erica Orloff edited this short story.

It was the winter of 1995, and Christmas was three weeks away. I was out with a couple of friends at Mojo’s sports bar. We’d meet up every few months to catch up. Our meetups were like a Facebook post, reminding me of how messed up my life had become.

(© 2020 AC)

(Erica Orloff edited this short story)


Sammy: Cyr, Andrew: Kindle Store

Becca’s eyes were cold and lifeless as she stared at me. We stood in a crowded hallway, but our eyes locked and all I heard was the screaming silence on her lips and everything I was sure she wanted to say. What I knew she had to tell me about how I’m such a horrible person for doing what I did. I still haven’t forgiven myself for it, and I doubt I ever will.

(© 2020 AC)

(Erica Orloff edited this short story.)

Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation Debunked


Miss You Before I Kiss You

Leave when I wanna

I’m so fuckin’ gonna

Tara shoulda stayed in Carolina

North or South

Which sounds sweeter?

I kinda don’t need her

We smoked hella weed

Take the keys

Rake the leaves 

I loathe the trees

Drive the car

Hit the bar

Get a new scar

Cross state lines

Rack up a fine

Park the Jeep

Call me and weep on the phone

She’s coming home

We’re on our own.

(© 2021 AC)

(WattpadAmazon Kindle.)

Nothing But Trouble

Holy fuck

I read the news

She’s busted again

I broke the click with views

She said she did it for shelter and shoes

I’m so confused

She asked if I could keep a secret

I told her this line was being recorded

She spoke in coded language of which we both understood

With her tone, I should have known

A fake website for her to be amused

I’m consumed with doubt and feel so used.

She confirmed the front page rumor mill

She’s pregnant in early September.

Over Me? Wanna Bet?

Early September

She’s lost her temper

Her nostrils bared a flare

Weather reddened her eyes

Misplaced goodbyes

It’s either this or that

always tied to a lie

I’m with her as in never

In the back of her mind

Preserving spoiled time

She knocks on the door

We make love on the bedroom floor

(© 2021 AC)

(WattpadAmazon Kindle.)

Why Angie’s Mad

Never been good at letting go

for you know I show more emotion than time

finding what’s missing

a picture of you

is mine

in the bottom drawer

collecting dust

when we used to trust

I felt pure lust

now there’s a jar of rust

the heat I couldn’t bear to touch

Sleeping with eyes focused on the ceiling

She pushes her way through the locked door

making a fuss

turning heads

causing a scene

fucking stop

the neighbors will call the fucking cops 

I’ve given you a house on the top of the hill

What’s the deal?

Naivety is so not chill

Popping the question is rather ideal

(WattpadAmazon Kindle.)

Dating in September

An autumn sunset
whips through the wind
whispers from within
of a shadowy figure
I so fucking figured
I met her on Tinder
for dinner
We mingled
Among the crowd
far too loud
headed home
for her room
chains and whips, she likes
shaking were her hips
She’s coming again
She’s coming again
As in
She’s at
the door
for more.

(WattpadAmazon Kindle.)

Forgotten by You (But I Want You Back!)

A brisk moonlight lingers

The delicate strokes of an old painting

Folded a moldy picture mint perfect

Attracts dust

Beneath the cracks

In the rearview mirror

He whimpers

A whisper

A chance encounter

Poses a memory

He quivers

The withering silence of her voice is violence

Her body entices

With Irish

He wants

To taste

her cream

Too much information

Changing of faces

Stretched too thin

To keep her inline

To make her mine

Too Stupid to see

Strangers make the most of the dark

Sparked by the passion flashing within

From the start

Standing still with time

Asking whether she’s mine

Under the weather

In early September

(WattpadAmazon Kindle.)

Vivian Cradles Toxicity

A loose evergreen tie

Fixed with duct tape

Don’t duck with

A tint of a hint of Escape

On the creases of my neck

No white lie

Here’s why

She’s coming by.

Is bi

To tangle between

Satin bedsheets

With her hands, she strangles

The heck out of my throat

What’s next?

A candlelit chandelier

Red wine worth ten times

It’s time

To find

The one

In crime

For more than fun

Than a feeling

A villain


I’d worship at your altar

But you’re taller

So I’ll offer

My body

Your body


In bedsheets

For the season

Sin in September

And you’re under the weather

We can


We’re married

You’ll be screaming

While I’m feenin

You’ll pretend you’re leaving

I’ll memorize every moment

That silence



It’s late

Let’s date

We’ll be friends

Until the bitter end

(Wattpad, Amazon Kindle.)

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